Do you like strategy games? Are you a regular human who still hasn't figured out how to move at the speed of light? Then oh boy is Bot Land the game for you!

In Bot Land, all of your bots follow scripts (so you can snap your controller in half for all we care). You'll tell your bots how to perform actions ahead of time, that way they don't need a lousy human to control them mid-battle. This allows your bots to fight even while you're offline; they'll protect your CPU against other players' attacks.

Now, let's be honest... you're a great gamer—that's why you're reading this description—but even you might still lose a match or two. That's where replays come in handy. Maybe your opponent cloaked, bypassed your bots, and destroyed your CPU while your own bots were busy calculating prime numbers with a billion digits. You can use that information to improve for next time.

Then, after improving your defense, you can attack other players' CPUs in the same way. Maybe you've got a killer strategy involving LANDMINES or TELEPORTATION or OTHER BOLDED WORDS, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. You finally find the perfect chump on which to unleash this onslaught. They've got measly bots with artillery and shields, so you teleport behind them, misquote a meme, and punch them in their shiny metal backs. You're the top dog-bot now.

And when you win...? Oh, don't even get us started. You'll earn Botcoin, which, through a myriad of steps, roughly translates to fame and fortune in real life (the steps are really just a sense of satisfaction and a profound feeling of "the courage was within me the entire time!"; Botcoin isn't a cryptocurrency). You'll buy new items, make new strategies, teach a wasp bot how to love, ponder whether we're all just living in a simulation, and then look up how to remove wasp-bot stingers from your arm. It's great fun.


  • Fully automate battles—no APM needed
  • Create scripts visually (with Blockly) or via code
  • Test scripts before attacking other players
  • Learn through several tutorials
  • Play both sides of the battle: attacking and defending
  • Watch replays to improve your defense
  • Start revenge battles against players who’ve attacked you
  • Improve your ranking by winning matches
  • Customize your bots’ appearances—create any combination of head, torso, and foot items
  • Earn Botcoin through daily missions
  • Create an avatar to represent yourself to other players
  • Share your defense with other players with a direct link
  • All versions of Bot Land are compatible for cross-platform play

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Please add russian language


This is something that we'd love to support, but we're a very small team. If the launch goes well enough to support development in 2020, then localization will be high on the TODO list!


This looks fun. Can't wait to play!


Just kidding, you can play it right now.