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Do you like strategy games? Are you a regular human who still hasn't figured out how to move at the speed of light? Then oh boy is Bot Land the game for you!

In Bot Land, all of your bots follow scripts (so you can snap your controller in half for all we care). You'll tell your bots how to perform actions ahead of time, that way they don't need a lousy human to control them mid-battle. This allows your bots to fight even while you're offline; they'll protect your CPU against other players' attacks.

Now, let's be honest... you're a great gamer—that's why you're reading this description—but even you might still lose a match or two. That's where replays come in handy. Maybe your opponent cloaked, bypassed your bots, and destroyed your CPU while your own bots were busy calculating prime numbers with a billion digits. You can use that information to improve for next time.

Then, after improving your defense, you can attack other players' CPUs in the same way. Maybe you've got a killer strategy involving LANDMINES or TELEPORTATION or OTHER BOLDED WORDS, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. You finally find the perfect chump on which to unleash this onslaught. They've got measly bots with artillery and shields, so you teleport behind them, misquote a meme, and punch them in their shiny metal backs. You're the top dog-bot now.

And when you win...? Oh, don't even get us started. You'll earn Botcoin, which, through a myriad of steps, roughly translates to fame and fortune in real life (the steps are really just a sense of satisfaction and a profound feeling of "the courage was within me the entire time!"; Botcoin isn't a cryptocurrency). You'll buy new items, make new strategies, teach a wasp bot how to love, ponder whether we're all just living in a simulation, and then look up how to remove wasp-bot stingers from your arm. It's great fun.


  • Fully automate battles—no APM needed
  • Create scripts visually (with Blockly) or via code
  • Test scripts before attacking other players
  • Learn through several tutorials
  • Play both sides of the battle: attacking and defending
  • Watch replays to improve your defense
  • Start revenge battles against players who’ve attacked you
  • Improve your ranking by winning matches
  • Customize your bots’ appearances—create any combination of head, torso, and foot items
  • Earn Botcoin through daily missions
  • Create an avatar to represent yourself to other players
  • Share your defense with other players with a direct link
  • All versions of Bot Land are compatible for cross-platform play

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very interesting concept


Game looks good, but I got worried when I saw the log in screen. You are having the users transmit passwords plaintext within TLS. First problem is if someone is attacked by a MitM with SSL stripping. The second is that makes me believe that you're storing unhashed passwords. 

Players! DO NOT USE A PASSWORD HERE THAT YOU USE ANYWHERE ELSE! This game handles passwords in in a potentially unsecure manner.

You are having the users transmit passwords plaintext within TLS.

This is true, but this is how many sites—including—work.

The second is that makes me believe that you're storing unhashed passwords. 

Passwords are salted and hashed before being stored in the database.

Players! DO NOT USE A PASSWORD HERE THAT YOU USE ANYWHERE ELSE! This game handles passwords in in a potentially unsecure manner.

Players, please follow this advice for every single website or game you ever touch regardless of their security practices; password managers like LastPass or KeePass will help facilitate this.

Finally, if anyone wants to avoid providing a password to Bot Land altogether, just use a guest account to play.

Who hashes passwords in the client? That's not giving you any added security.



My laser bot's AI is so sophisticated that the script editor can barely handle it:


could you make a desktop downloadable version? it lags in browser for me and for other people too i'm sure

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Hey, there is a downloadable version on Steam:

If the web version is slow though, then the desktop version will likely be slow too. Do you have hardware acceleration enabled in your browser?

If "will missiles hit any valid target" what? true/false/banana?

It looks like a bot following the script in the screenshots will;
return 3 irrelevent values/errors,
set a presumably global variable,
return a 4th irrelevent value/error,
move an undetermined distance in a random direction,
and then nothing for the rest of the game.

Surely gramatically/syntax-wise it should be;
"missiles will hit"
"artillery will hit"
"closestEnemy exists""

I'm not sure if you meant to attach a screenshot, but I'd be happy to help clarify a script if you're having troubles. I mentioned in another comment here that there is in-game documentation that you can find from the ❔ button in the script editor. It says this about "willMissilesHit":

Also, I don't know if you watched the video that pops up when you first go to the script editor, but it could shed some light on terminators and the "exists" block: 

I'd love for there to be better content for teaching this directly in the game (as opposed to on YouTube). It's on the roadmap, but I don't know when it will actually be in the game. My guess is that it probably wouldn't be before mid-2020 (if Bot Land is still in development then).

It's really hard to debug your scripts. I wasn't sure what the built in variable "x" was for. The current bots x position? If so, how does x change? 0 on the left, arena width on the right? I'd be really nice to see the scripts being stepped through to help figure out what commands individually do.


I agree that "proper" debugging would be amazing, but I think it would be prohibitively difficult to add. 😢 The in-game documentation would probably help you out greatly—click the ❔ in the script editor to see it. There, you'll find information on how "x" works (see image below) or the debugLog function: 

I need to add more pointers to this knowledge since players currently have to discover it for themselves. I have some ideas on how to do this, but I'm currently focusing on stabilizing from all of the other bugs/feedback that I've gotten post-launch.

I hope you've been enjoying Bot Land, and thank you for playing!


That's great the documentation exists. Could you add a tool tip to the variables in game? It could pull the same text you already have in that documentation when you hover the mouse over its puzzle tile.
Good luck prioritizing all the stuff to do. Thanks for making Bot Land!

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I'm not sure a tooltip would be the best fit, but if you right-click a block and choose "help", it will bring you to that part of the documentation:


(EDIT: this same menu shows up on a long press on mobile)

Nice! I didn't know about that right click menu either. Makes sense you do it that way to support touch screens. What about a tooltip for everything right clickable that says "Right click for more options"? That tooltip will stay impossible to view on mobile.

Like I said, I'm not sure a tooltip would be the best fit. For one, they can show on mobile in Bot Land when you press and hold something without letting your finger off of it. Also, while I'm not a UX expert, my view on tooltips is that they are good for information that users have a hard time remembering, but once you learn about the in-game documentation or the "help" button, then I don't think you ever need to relearn it. With that said, there is a UX designer behind the UI that you see in Bot Land, so I will likely consult him if I ever get to tackling this issue. I would probably go about it via other educational means like a tutorial, video, or section for tips somewhere in the game.

Is there a way to use the same script both in attack and defense, without actually writing it twice?


No, there isn't. Copy/pasting a response to another player with the same question (not here on though):

Part of the reason this isn't possible is because the plan is to eventually have attack- or defense-only items and APIs. Another reason is that scripts will rarely work as both attack and defense strategies. And the final reason is that there are other mechanisms planned for sharing snippets of scripts as a user, but I can't say whether it will make they will make it into the game or how long they would take. 😢

I like the graphics, but I don't enjoy playing the game. It seems like I'm able to change all kinds of things about the robots, so why not just let the player make their own robots? There's also just too much stuff. I think the issue is that there is a lot of stuff that the player needs to know, but the gameplay isn't engaging enough for them to play for long enough.


I'm not sure what you mean by this: "It seems like I'm able to change all kinds of things about the robots, so why not just let the player make their own robots?" Players in Bot Land can make their own robots, from looks to items to exact behaviors (thanks to the scripting system).

I do agree that the game isn't for everyone, but I'd love to improve it, so if there's anything in particular where you felt overwhelmed, please let me know!

awesome game, and nice touch to the monsters look, Great Game!!


Here's my public attack link:

Reply and share yours

Here's my link, my bots are open for challenges. Why develop quirky and elaborate AIs when others can't see them in action, right?

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i downloaded the steam version guys, but sadly it says that i cant run the game and require 64bit :(

dont you guys have a 32bit version of this for windows? since this is a html5 game i (guess?) it isnt that difficult for a 32bit version

thanks in advance :D


Sorry, we haven't produced a 32-bit Windows version. There's a lot of post-launch chaos to tackle, so I'll add this to the list, but I can't promise a timeline. :(

Does the web version work for you on your system? I'm not proposing it as a fix, but it would work around your issue for now. All platforms use the same account data, so you can always continue where you left off if we do end up producing a 32-bit Steam version.

thank you very much for your reply sir :D

if that is the case, then ill just play on the web version then :3

it should work just fine...

while waiting for the 32bit ver. in the background lol

since i also want to become an indie gamedev this thing caught my interest, so i understand what you're trying to tell me haha :D

i guess if i successfully self-learn what i need to learn to make games in the future ill also be doing this stuff that you guys are doing XD

so good luck, thanks for the reply, and wishing you guys more success

What do you have that doesn't support 64bit... windows has been 64bit since 2005. Catalina doesn't even allow 32bit as of this year.

windows version ? u//w//u

There's a downloadable Window client on Steam:

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Please add russian language


This is something that we'd love to support, but we're a very small team. If the launch goes well enough to support development in 2020, then localization will be high on the TODO list!


This looks fun. Can't wait to play!


Just kidding, you can play it right now.